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12:48 a.m. 2005-12-17

... you said you just couldn't bear to read bared words over unraveled flesh, it brought back too many memories and I'm left wondering why those memories could possibly be haunting? Reminscent of transient breakdowns and shiverquick revelations of extacy. You'd shatter ancient edifice for the sake of onetime tragedy and something you think might be lasting. You tell me that sometimes you wish things had been different and all i can do is stand here and wonder at the scattering of old photographs, selectively burned to create a scrapbook you've become convinced is better lefty dusty, unread. When did that become something to regret?
We sat idling in that parking lot for what seemed like hours, the belief in warmth compensating for the futility of the heater. And as the chill spread over the dash it was as though inertiatic expression of extended heartbreak was tattooing itself on the windshield. There was the pulse of the engine and the thrum of our hearts in cascading eternities of abandoned asphalt and chalklined halos to decorate overlooked streetlamps. There were starfires and undertones of inspiration; pensive bravery accentuating exalted apprehension. There was the scape of that parkinglot and the scape of our souls to such an extent mirrored on the other size of that haze of a windshield and caught between shivering and sighing I was wondering if you knew. Knew just what it was I wanted to say despite my silence. In such esteem the depths of darkened souls like the untouched corners of abandoned rooms to figuratively and spacially start anew. And if you knew, if you felt it like I hope you did, then you'll be able to understand the parallel of soulshaped powerlines to facilitate unspoken communication. If you felt it then you'll understand what I've always dreamed about.

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