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12:21 a.m. 2005-10-14

"In the remenant of this union there is the forking of paths that reverberates throughout past history and into tomorrow. This waking moment will decide destiny as the junction projects into cataclysmic eternity. In this I pray in this I take faith." Darkening skies to signal the end as Apollo bleeds into this neverending night. Ethereal the fragmented, almost illusionary clouds lurk overhead, listening.
"Through this destiny you choose you will awaken brand new gods and bring about the destruction of ancient deities. With the choosing comes the utter ruination of the work of your hands... can't you see that to choose is to bring about destruction?" A hollow gaze to pierce broken hearts cutting across pale skin. A haze of smoke and the scent of that foul addiction embraced as life and covering that carcass a black overcoat and a black sweater. Two sizes too large and the man is lost in the image of that wraith and the cigarette resting on his lips is the only light for miles. "You cannot go forward knowing the consequence. Turn back, turn off the lights and give up that blasphemy. Just go home."
Chill wind. Whispered voices from the deadened plains and sparse trees; the corpses of summertime strung up in jagged disillusionment. Its like waking up, standing in the open, in the wind, on a night like this; like waking up from a forgotten dream. Burdened by understanding and conviction he staggers the words to distance himself from the inevitable. "We can all be reborn William. We are not set upon this single path from birth, that I cannot believe. To refuse to believe the truth is to burn. I've come to realize the fragility of my grasp on truth... its intangible Will and it flies and disappears with the lightest breeze. But in these moments of clarity what choice do i have but to choose a new path at the juncture between old gods and hope? Unfaltering devotion is for the weak."
"Give it up... I won't let you follow this to the end, it will end in flames. I'm warning you for the last time dear friend, go home."
In silence he fell; the death of a friend for the forwarding of a purpose. "Is this becoming the ascension I hold so dear when the blood of my closest stains the blade? Am I becoming what he said I would be or am I burning like the star over ring4 the day it all ended? It doesn't matter now, I had no choice and I can only hope that the truths he told were uncertain." A match in the night and a final word for lost friends... rob them of their life to save their souls. "Is this what I'm becoming? Speaker... tell me where to go in this darkness. What is the path that He has dictated?" A first step to create the monster and a first framing of the savior unveiled.
I am the unwavering and I will sever your dearest ties to hold true the stars. Your pain will unite the blood and set it right. Your ruination against his design and I will watch you bleed, my dearest i will watch you die

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