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In Shadow
10:50 p.m. 2005-10-12

Just look at the ruined perfection of these trees. They've shattered like the last vestige of hope for this. In return for your catastrophe I will walk these streets in search of the self you lost. Stalk these grounds night after night with weakened faith and a trembling heart to greet you with deadened fingers and mirros to reflect the fading glory of your eyes. Just leave for a little while so my feet can slam against this ground to resonate the weakness of my grasp. "how am i supposed to think with you right next to me?" I have no intention of disappearing... you have to see its the only route. Two lines intersecting to recreate the tragic scene your car in ruins and the hazy glow of any semblance of hope for this meeting. Twilight. "Do you remember why you did it? Do you remember why she left?" Flatten the convex arc of this earth to stalk these streets. I swear if you don't... Just go. Overhead the sky glistens like mercury and the oil stains on the pavement are muddied rainbows. Burn it up in projected hopelessness and endow those flames with your deepest shame. Endure this ruination of porcelain dreams to witness the final coming of your intervention. And a final seat up above, rest yourself on this callow ground, while the city sparkles below. This is your creation this blurred outline and the muddy footsteps leading to the past. Bloody the signs and walk forever

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