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10:03 p.m. 2005-09-20

In stasis. The overflow of curtailing backwash entailing the passing of the Apollo. We've been... backtracking through space through time to reinstate this storyline. I am the Speaker, the keeper of this line this fragment this story. The Script is written in the stars, in allusion and prophecy read by His Eyes in the dawning from the Core. The Core is His most divine creation, and they perceive it as the centre, the beginning, the source and the power. The Prophet is the only true source, an eye and a hand coursing through life and dictating the cycle. Radiating from the Core are the Outlyers, twelve Rings, the other planets of this existence. Here they live, the scatterings of humanity and faith and life. The Prophet has turned his eyes upwards, and the keeping of this existence has fallen to the hands of the living. And so I dwell, His eyes to the skies and mine on the ground, a seperate will I have made it my duty to see the fruition of the plans dictated in the Script.

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