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Skyhigh from the Second Story
12:02 a.m. 2005-06-27

Standing on the bridge and a snapped photograph, a picture to remember the shape of your heart. We'll stand together at the top of this building, windswept and torn grasping for hope in the air. And your white dress will be a song dancing through the sky and maybe if i look at you right you'll become something beyond beautiful. Because I see what you could be. So we'll lean over the edge and i'll smile because i'll remember the times i thought about jumping, like that night in the parking garage. I'll remember the times I thought about dying and I'll realize that all of that is behind me. The look in your eyes will be perfect and I swear i'll write a thousand songs just for you. But I never promised to make you exist and I never promised to love you. So I'll hold your hand just one last time and you'll say goodbye, because we both know its time to put and end to all of this. Let me go just once and I'll finally see what its like to fly away.
Beyond the skyline there is something waiting, fragrant and beautiful this is perfection and harmonized perception formulating a daydream reality. Somewhere past these buildings and the steel structured lines of the horizon there is a place where I can be at peace. And I'll take this knife and sever you because I don't want to fall in love and I don't want the girl to be the reason. Sever these ties and i'll take the dive. Wish me luck dear

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