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WIth you
12:22 a.m. 2005-06-30

I've been trying to forget the tears and the look on your face. Sometimess... Do you regret pushing me out of your life? Do you wish I was still there telling you that you were beautiful? I just hope that I'm the ghost outside your window haunting and cold. But really I don't care at all, not any more.
I want you to read these words and feel the breath in my lungs. I want you to feel the hurt of existence in a world unfitting and quiet. I want you to feel my fantasies and my hopes, my dreams. I want these words to be a song running through your veins making you feel alive, even if i can't.
And girl, you know you steal me. You've been hiding my heart under a carseat and under a picture frame. I don't want to care, I don't remember how to love and I'm so used to being alone. Please, either teach me to be a part of this or just leave me alone. We'll see

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