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A proper ending
12:39 a.m. 2005-06-22

So you've been stealing words from old poetry to dictate how our hearts should beat. You were quiet and serene in the backseat on the long drive home, holding close to old memories and the cherished unframed photographs of a veiled future. And a knife to even the odds. I've been fighting a war inside a clash of color and clouds tainted crimson. These are the facets of a face and the changing tides are stealing dreams and trace of familiarity. Shouted words to summon the storm and its all in my fucking head. Do you see it in my eyes when you look at me with love in your heart? Its in my hands i swear it. Just one more night and every important decision is a burnt bridge we long to rebuild and recross. Fuck these fires and this time that relate ashes to autumn.
Overhead and omnipotent. Celestial and impotent; this deity patched together through faith and lore. Lies and intrigue and the possibility of falsehoods and deeds undone. Your god is an invention. Your god is the conception of something pretty and perfect and its a delusion. Regardless of the existence of an overlord, our ability to realign our hearts and the planets renders our perception utterly worthless. Praise be to our imaginations and the power of faith to unite the shattered glass into a hideous facade. Form this barricade. One last fall and you'll all see that you're god is as fragile as you.
Cross these streets in rain and fragmented dust. Remnants of souls and a promised selfimage crumpled in the gutter in the glare of headlights, nothing now. Every beautiful girl is broken and you're all beautiful. We're all just covered in scars caving in to a delusion of inevitability. Did you know you don't have to hurt? And I swear I will open my arms to you when you bleed and I will love you if you just let it happen. I am so tired of waking to the hope fading fast the hope that you aren't crippled by your own heart and your own past. Dearest don't let them kill you, not this time

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