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You look so good in blue
1:21 a.m. 2005-06-21

Sit in your chair breathing exctasy and stale fumes. Pondering the state of the mind and how do we cope with such tragedy? We are vessels filled to the brim with blood and envy, agony and anguish. This ossuary containing the remains of every soul ever drenched in sadness. And yet we survive we cope we are the shooting stars collapsing in a neverending arc defying existentialism and the rules dictating the end of our existence. How do we cope with such sorrow? And you answer that we simply forget. As the pain fades nothing is retained and we are nothing more than vulnerable to reinjury. We sever the ties and the netting of our memory is tucked away like spiderwebs in your attic next to broken bones and dead friends. And yet we are told over and over again that to cling to tragedy will mold us into something more, this fire will purify and leave you symbolic; more than human. So next time you bleed will you staunch this flow cut your losses and pretend it never happened or will you let this burden destroy you in hopes of creating something perfect from the ashes? Will you live or through dying be reborn? Is there a right choice?
And it was out of character the look on your face as I walked away. You were singing the sweetest song and here i am forgetting what your voice sounds like. A tribute through disavowed memory. This ones for you

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