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3:50 p.m. 2005-04-22

Your cancer and the shape of her eyes. Jet black hair over perfect frailty and the attempt to design the perfect life. Fragrant sin setting still on your heart in lonliness and desperation. Hide your eyes sweetheart, don't let them see you like this. One more breath. Tonight I will inhale your death and your suicide will breathe life into these lungs that ache for you. Upon waking this dream will cancel out reality creating a stupor echoing past nights and the essence of dreaming. Exactly as you expected it to be. And you're fucking alone. You, you're torture, with every look you expose the things I want to ignore and with every gaze your eyes are rapture. Stop haunting me, stop stealing my soul. Stop drawing me in with the way you move and the way you smile. Just stop speaking and this will all be ok. Between waking and dying you are creeping alone along the alleys in my heart as i cry out to you 'don't feel this pain anymore' and the scent of your failure is everywhere. Why can't you just stop why can't you just be happy? Why can't you fucking smile?
And I hardly know you... either one of you
Its all you

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