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We don't say it but I know you Know
10:49 p.m. 2005-04-20

Existential shattering of glass cannons and a 21 gun salute to the end of the night. The haunts that splintered our dreams in fragments of regret and repentance have been banished in the wake of your enlightenment. And waking up next to him will save you. Inertiatic creationism halting the wake of tears trailing a path down your face. In singsong phrase the past is forgive and regardless of future transgressions your soul is pure. I will never hurt for you again and in freedom granted I am reveling in attrition and adoration. I will remember the feeling of your hand in mine next to her on the back of the bus on a long ride home. And I will not wonder what happens next because you are not worrying either. In relation to ourselves everyone else is careening headlong into the same old endings. No longer a detriment I will alchemize my love for you and deter affection at the risk of remaining content. I will shiver away your soul and the haunting phrase of the tune as you hold him close; "diane..." And I promised Holly I'd love her forever and its true but does it matter when you're so far away and happy? I want you to know it doesn't hurt and you are the fondest memory. And maybe i could never love you like he can. Much love sweetie, I hope you end up as happy as you hope you'll be. A plague upon the reactionary causes of this constant direlection of dreamships set sail and swept aside. Good Night Neverland, I'm dreaming.

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