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In short
12:59 a.m. 2005-04-01

Silence resounding over your rooftop as the fires die out and the beginning unfolds. Inexplicable and suffering through significance tonight we are shrouded in laughter and the shallow folds of petty happiness. We are breathing our last in the presence of the ones we loved and let die. And this is failure. "Liar liar liar liar..." And the lights are out in the residual effects of this catastrophe your convience has been disrupted. Rapture runs through your veins and the smoke cannot drown out the lingering scent. It was so sudden. And you're spreading this all over the floors and staining the walls with your perpetuation of fear and love. And we're going straight to hell. I promise i'm through with wondering if I could have said something to change this because our feelings are eternal... and fragile. I'll wake up feeling the same way

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