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Your Blood
11:08 p.m. 2005-03-07

Your split spent the rounds as the burns on their faces contorted in passion. Wrap your arms around my waist and i'll become something unforgettable. A shattered silence with the heartbeats throbbing, a referendum denied with the splicing of veins. A tinge at the gills a spill of derision. Static cry over the intercom delivered. Sterile rooms and sterile bones, splinter the fragments underheel. Elementary reprecussion to primordial perversion and the twisting of your corneas around delirium's visage. External contusion and the laceration is not skin deep. Reinvent your caustic destruction in the hallucination of the guiltprone as your retribution is finished. Your blood ran cold at the sounds of the dying and your fingers were stained with the blood of the dying. Pray that they won't haunt you

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