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Telepathically Elevated
10:02 p.m. 2005-01-04

its something like falling clipside of this mistaken litany haunting the altar in the final flaws of this dirge as the revenant haunts the shores. Enlighten these children with misanthropic cynisism. Avenging innocents shed the veil in desperate convulsions as the tremors enraptured seize your system. Limbic impulses that sought the distinction and your inspiration was rotted through with emotion and the same irrational shit that you decried. Symbolic crash at the site of the rites of the covenant unleashed upon the victims of encircled plagarism and the curse of the rationalist. Ringing in time we are corrupt insistence predicted in the scrying of the seer; place the blade to the hilt of an invisioned stone as the sanscrit designs relate your life to the reliquary abandonded in the shattering of the silence as she hit the ground. Stutter away

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