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The Comatorium
9:17 p.m. 2005-01-02

What would be lost to me and to everything as the world fell away? What are the consequences of these desires rotating around your fiction? What is the cost of this comatose? Metaphorical drift into cosmic artifice subliminal eidolon devulged in this dirge. Erect this cenotaph in reverence as this scarred cadaver resides. Place the ossuary beside your head as the satelites create a web of lies over this relationship. This network cannot last. Locked in this vault we will burn these tensions to the ground as nostalgia reigns; only to find that the frameword of three eyes is distorting and disassembling our sense of time and continuity. acrimonious whispers evaporate over this lot and hopelessness sets in to radiate suicide and veneration of the morbid. Strike this man holder and send me to slumber. In this coma i will dream dream of our struggles and of the outcomes unknown. Invision the things i will see lying immobile. I will dream over it all and i will dream of you

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