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12:34 a.m. 2004-12-28

Sullied sheets and the scent of wasted dreams. Innovative technology releases core destruction focused on the self-inflicted image of two and two together without meaning. Echoing silence in the hallowed room you used to save for me. These pictures are crooked, dull photographs depicting the future we'll never have in the essence of our past. Return to the one you held dear after a night of imperfection. As the truths spew forth, tainting the stars with ridicule and the complicated web of emotion tangled across the crook of the moon. Iridescent sunsets mean nothing in comparison to the gloom of this dusk settling across our souls. I remember wishing i could have what he stole before the moments set in and realizations of a stolen reality appeared on the page. The words are a brand; tattoo all of this across my eyelids and paint me a brand new fiction to forget all the things that have happened. Plagarism. Theft. You have stolen everything that ever meant anything. And upon its return i find that nothing is the same as i remember it. Nothing.

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