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Dear Eleanor
12:08 a.m. 2004-12-30

Through the poison tainting the footsteps of this long path. Five silent miles. Walk these streets head down shoulders mimic the fragility of our emotions. A trail of tears that dictates who you will be when the footsteps fade. These shadows are constantly recreating my selfimage and the headlights that are so fleeting are defying the state of things as you plague my thoughts and project your image on the fences and the afterglow of stoplights and streetsigns. Who could you become when i am alone with these thoughts and memories drifting along the stratus? And how can anything change until something new is created? How can I know how this will all turn out when stasis is contained within the numbing calls? How is progression possible, how can things change when we are caught in this perpetual cycle, the revolutions of skies and the reinvention of my shadow on the pavement, how can we change when everything is reverting endlessly in a facade of change and a carousel of repetition. How can you move forward when the steps are circling? What do you do when the endless nights give way to another day when everything is the same? Fear has paralysed you and you are the embodiement of sweet dilema as you spin round and round under the cruel moonlight. From this summit i watch you and in this distance you are beautiful, dancing under this full moon, silk dress and bare feet, flowing hair and halos of light. From so far away you appear an angel but the tears glistening beneath your feet and the faint sound of crying is enough to disolve this illusion and as it melts into the night fascination gives way to helplessness, standing at the rise of this hill we are possessed with the sense that we are witnessing the implosion of something beyond beautiful. What do you do when the stars in the sky are falling and the light erupting is so captivating that it is all there ever will be? What do you do when the destruction of something beautiful is mesmerizing and somehow beyond description? What do you do when you can't do anything but stand and watch?
Sometimes its just enough to note the beauty. Even in the end

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