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11:48 p.m. 2004-10-09

Can't you see that the catchiness of every word he utters doesn't make it beautiful? Can't you see that this poetry comes from the heart and that means everything. Fuck the presentation and how you judge my words down to worthlessness. Just open up your heart and let me in already, maybe then you'd understand what i was trying to say. The tones of your voice carried the world in waves to my ears and what you had to say shattered my everything into pretty little fragments that you used to blind me. In the shade cast by this tree we rested hand in hand months ago and now all that's gone. So fuck you, i'm giving up on all of this. I'm giving up on all of you because you were never there for me. Despite the fact that its all my fault, you never saw through the lies that had flowered so prettily, you never saw what was in my eyes and you never wasted the time to say that it mattered. I'm just another waste of your time

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