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Create these cuts with magic and a desire to die
11:38 p.m. 2004-10-09

fake extensions in your hair that profess how you abhor all of this. Pretend i don't exist and create these sensuous lies that glisten in the midday sun like so much water. And the truth was i really hoped to see you standing waiting for me today but you had other plans. Write this letter to you in forethought because someday i'll be dead and i can't imagine it being a pretty picture. And i've been hearing strange noises outside my windows late at night. The truth is, its keeping me from sleeping. So please just stop pretending it meant something. Take a picture of these tears that are at present making a mess of this face because they're something of a rarity. In the depths of your soul paradise was denied by your insensitivity and the fact is i don't need you. I can't need anything because everyone's been letting me down so casually. And tonight i'm so disgusted with the way we live our lives. And in all honesty tonight was a waste of time

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