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I trusted you
10:59 p.m. 2004-07-13

These hearts beat with the tired sigh of a thousand lonely minds sitting blank in front of white screens and dreaming of a tomorrow they'll never make happen. There is nothing more beautiful than you on stage, guitar in hand and a bared soul on your sleeve and in your eyes. Every sound a song from deep inside where we were whole before time decided we needed to be wrecked. Piano divides the eternal lovers from brief affairs punctuated by torrents of forgetfullness and the mass burnings of photographic relics. Sleep away this hysteria and piant pictures of how stupid you were before you grew up (we're still just growing up) and with every turn of the clock we die a little and hair painted black won't make your soul evident or bring suffering to an ending. Never imagine life without them because you can't understand how much things change every time you blink. Drunken promises mean sober regrets and my whole life was a mistake, so lets erase it and start over we'll just start over

you never took me seriously at all

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