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9:49 p.m. 2004-07-12

In mistakes we made a fire reflected in burning eyes and nightmares we wake up to upon dreaming. In essence we are creatures of flame and passion and forgetfulness, tattoo these reminders on your flesh and you'll forget me but not the words. (they mean everything) we are the broken people, people of tears and heartache, suicidal tendencies laced with love and spiritual fear. Hide behind these thick glasses and your mascara imperfections. Cover your truth behind a facade of cliched trendiness and cocaine stains were never fashionable before. Then again neither were blood stains and when did all of this become fucking cool? When did submission attract so much success and when will this become another shadow of a page in a scrap book torn out in shame... your lyrics tasted of the masses and a false embodiment of despair and i never understood who you were till now.

we're all bleeding our lips dry trying to find the right words in the sanctuary of our rooms or some empty street and i never. This static tells the story of a boi who sat outside and tripped this trigger one time to many and in front of everyone gave himself over to plastic dreams and serenity in a glass bottle. Pity the day you woke up and forgot who you wanted to be and decided to let them make you


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