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We were perfection disgraced
2:34 p.m. 2004-06-24

FIngerprints on ponds in the mist of morning. Fogs obscure everything and erase any hope for a sunrise to give us hope. in this misty morning haze we dream on the dock and enter ourown desperation in paper. (papercuts and scars from the words you left me under the table and behind my heart) you were everything that was perfect and now you're just a girl possessed and this hatred will never save us from ouyrselves of our friends. When was the last time you gave up hope for me (write me a ltter with all your explanations and hide it under a pillow so i'll dream of you) they all saw me sitting next to you and she looked up and saw this tear. But no one understand what it means to be....

Its like a brand new album that shows us our evolution but still sounds just the same. I have a new voice and its just like yours (whispersoft and cold) sunny days were golden and far away now we cants understand our own weakness but the fact is it was raining and i was crying and nothing in the world felt right (for the first time) a vacation from life but tragedy follows us all and clings to the suitcase (there's a stowaway on my heart)

give up and move on and forget the times you said forever

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