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Gone for a while
11:35 p.m. 2004-06-18

The color of my eyes when you see my life slip away should be something beautiful... not this sick twist of desperation and confusion... (i shouldn't be alone)... but i am... and that's just how it is.

Because i'm not the boy who falls in love with all the girls and smiles and holds hands and kisses them into oblivion for one night and then disappears. And i'm not the boy who can keep them happy for years, making every day a bright spot and a warm place to hide. I'm not the boy who sits in the dark and hates all the lovers for taking them away from him, jealousy and envy. Who am i?

I'm the boy sitting on the dock in the quiet hours of the day when everyone else is laughing and flirting. Hair in the wind and eyes somewhere on that water... i'm the boy who's alone and smiles with the joy of being defenseless and torn apart by every eye that turns away. I'll sit into the night and wonder why we are who we are and why do i have to do this again and again and maybe you'll see me there, on that dock and you'll laugh and walk on by. The story of my life played out on misty waters at midnight and you'll never know the thoughts that play across that silvery surface

This is it for a week fellas... who gives a shit anyway

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