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Another bout of
9:57 p.m. 2004-04-20

And as it pertains to you- papercut scars and razorblade indentations- this is impeccable. However in light of recent transgressions its been determined that you're emotional value is at an all time low. in short, you're fired. Good bye.

You aren't dead yet i promise, there's still a spark here somewhere deep inside. Lately the fire's been stoked and ready but the opportunity hasn't yet presented itself. Don't die on me we're waiting to tell your story one last time (in perfection reborn) Up among the stars you'll wait interspacial time indeterminate don't despair your tragedy is bound to insue

Fictionality blurs the lines between sense and triviality and this waste of time is tearing up my eyes and there's nothing left to see here except black painted realities and extinguished porchlights and winds wrecking everything again. Your prayers got lost in this divinely inspired fit of rage, the tantrums of the omnipotent are terrifying in their impotence, i hold you responsible despite your attempts to pass the buck. You've inspired no reverence in this dead body for quite some time so stop making claims to superiority. Besides, judgement day isn't exactly discriminate and the truth is you have no proof that you'll be the judge. Your kind has judged us since day one and perhaps now at the end of the world its our chance to judge you and you'll realize the folly of this neopolitical stance you've taken throughout forever. Inspect my heart Its been open to you from the start and for all my talk of independence and facades, its so plain to see that i'm a lost child wandering across this parking lot, streetlamps and paperbox houses I can't find my way home but every shadow is a thousand possibilities and... how can you keep this grin from your face for another instant? And every song is for you and from you and this circle is unbroken and not so dark tonight. These trees may fall and split down the center but some things are truly unbreakable, only in that pushing them apart means nothing. (saved) And fuck all of you poor sods who have it all wrong. I love you and that's all that matters. So go through your days buildings sky high and dreams at an all time low go through these motions like its all you know how to do and in the nightime let that imagination fly becuase i love you and you'll never even know (somewhere deep inside i hope you know that someone loves you)

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