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Give in
5:19 p.m. 2004-04-18

Sprinkle this starcolored heartbreak over flawed cloudlines and skyscraper delusions. Dry your eyes and erase this sensation, pretend none of it was ever real. This light like a mirror inverts our soul and returns a sense of dread to the hopelessness. Anything to feel the burn any awknoledgement of our continued existence is enough for me tonight

What if there really is a god and i'm really in trouble.

Pour out redemption liberally across this desolation. Your forgiveness means nothing unless... remember what we said wouldn't happen

So we tear away our introspective shell and revel in the vulnerability and hide so meekly behind rose petals and crystal screens. And make sure you never let them know you were watching when the sun fell down and the blood blotted out the sky. (never let them know what happened to us)

"You can waste you time.... and you can spend your life...." but nothing will feel right until you learn to accept that. The things i can't understand are always the most interesting

Do you think i could forget if i tried (i never tried) i never will because what am i but memory?

hold on

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