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7:03 p.m. 2004-04-15

Streetlight flashfire where you walk the colors are born and when you're gone again everything seems so

its so funny to hink that after all this time all the destruction you've rented out across this neighborhood, well you're just getting started after all. It was never supposed to mean anything more than it was worth but now you've lost me, eyes closed and faithless. "you're lipstick his collar... don't bother." Well princess, what's it like to be born this way. Anyway, i've decided its something in my soul and there's nothing changing that. I know exactly what you're thinking and the words you're screaming won't mean a thing until they're reverberating inside me and will you're heartbreak be reflected in my eyes. What would it take to watch you watch me fall apart this one time, with nothing behind those pretty eyes of yours, nothing but understanding. What's the point of watching if there's nothing gained, after all its just a picture unless the meaning makes it real. Give me your explanations and self expression and i will make it beautiful, i'll take every hurt you ever gave me and transform this into a scintillating shimmer of sympathy. That's all you ever needed right?

Listen to me, i have something to say. I promise.

There's something underneath every syllable, waiting for you. Have you found me out will you ever come clean

its prettiest when its the truth, but for now keep on lying sweetheart

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