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4:30 p.m. 2004-04-13

Like snowstorms and first time heartbreaks
Children laughing
We were all meant to be this way


There's a letter under my pillow
I haven't read it yet
But lately i can't stop dreaming of you
Stir me from these pitfall daydreams

---I think i remember waking up but who's to say when i fell asleep in the first place. After all the colors here seem just a bit different than the last time. And I'll never believe there wasn't a purpose to all the years we spent in circles---

Implant and implement
You silly little bitch
Spent your whole life planning
And you wound up just like the rest
Who would have thought
Split quicksilver scars on wrists so fragile
Open yourself to this
Your blood on my hands
This is the best moment of my life
And you're the most beautiful thing i've ever seen

"the punishment is served in full"

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