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In arms
9:33 p.m. 2004-03-15

Nightlight pitch black ebony interuppted by the haze of this full moon. gaze down into this river ignore the glare of the gods reflected run your fingers through your hair and listen to the sigh of the water; bridge overhead hidden in your own eternity. Taste the simplicity of nighttime breathing through you quiet heart in soul. All around you it beats its unviolated heart swallowing the one who holds herself so very still. Hand on your heart could you tell me that this wasn't perfect? Water below step inside, bridge above sheltering you. Cold purity washes away the memories of the things they did to you of the times you lost everything and found it again lying crumpled on the side of the road. Let it wash over you, drown yourself in forgiveness. This is all you were ever meant to be and it means everything to all of us.

"Sincerely written from my brother's blood machine"

Who are we to judge the significance of who we choose to be? This is making me tired.

"this comlink's lost its frequency...."

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