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To my knees
9:19 p.m. 2004-03-15

Tripped up tongue tied illusionary repetition of words we've all used too often lately. oh to remember the taste of it dribbling down your chin coy and innocent we put our lives on the line for false reminders of desperate necessities we've learned to neglect. Staggered by the faith of one appearing as faithless as myself you never told me you felt this way never told me you felt this way. Tear drops are yours and mine mixed together entwined. Forbidden paradise aquired through the shedding of guilt and the conscious decision to forego morality and subject ourselves and the masses to unscrupulous. Ignorant enunciation ghetto slang pealing over the reverberating chorus of these damned souls. Piano melodies and hardrock pulse combined through childish belief into something powerful deep and stirring. Save me from this, Neverender. On top of dark buildings they gather wind rushing up hair living in tendrils. Tunnelvision and obscurity. "i wish i could fly..." Come awake disillusioned masses wipe the sleep from eyes closed far too long we are nothing without each other and it is through our relationships that we all become so very fragile. feel these words in your fingertips as you burn away speed time and space friction causing forgetfulness runs poignantly down wrinkled faces. Heartbreak in the eyes of lovers still entangled the necessity of change shattering all hope for an end to this awkward stare. Feel your heart in your chest and realize there's nothing else to learn except that we are nothing without our thoughts and nothing without our memories. "the image still hurts my eyes" Mirrors and photographs all hold the same message interpreted by the souls of the callous.

This is all that's left here

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