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9:08 p.m. 2004-03-04

The most amazing thing is the world is saying something to someone, anyone, and then looking into their eyes and trying to see the thoughts clicking by. Because from our isolated perch it seems so hard to imagine that they are thinking things as complicated as what is going on inside our heads, we forget that they think just as hard as we do. And i wonder, are the girls here so jaded and mistake as you assume? What goes through their head when i talk to them?

"Your silhoutte my window think what you've been missing and what i'll never understand. Another glimpse is all i need to sleep. imagine me with you and when i do everything else just falls into place."

Mind storms disrupt weather patterns defining tranquility through sad summer skies and turmoil with inundations of snow burying the city. Create the warmth inside and the sun will shine again. "I can't wait for summer..."

Sleepy instrumentals quaver across smile bleached skies. Wistful desires pirouette memories of perfection framed on my walls. The way we used to be the way I see us the way we will be photographs one after the other, portraits of grinning life. Hold out for this don't smash the glass the picture hasn't quite developed yet.

I wonder what it feels like...

Who would I be without the influences of past experience and timeless masterpieces of destruction. Who would you be right now if i had never met you? Smiles on streetcorners eyes miles away grinning bright in the sun in the dead of winter. Dreamer girl what would we be without each other?

Simple words and coherent sentences disrupted by heartfelt lyricism and introspective harmonies. With a voice like your's i would provoke the tears of all of you who dare to be...

Time and again we go through the same cycles and i keep coming back to this. I pray that my heart will bleed forever

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