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ten seconds
9:25 p.m. 2004-03-04

You would deny any affluence on your part but i see the regret in your smile when you walk away from me. I would taste the salt of the tears you shed over boys worth more than me but someone like you never admits to past transgressions. We are all creatures of dissonance and imperfect humanity. Burn away the lies and pour this acid on the times you wished you were someone else. Night time is the time we all wish we could be anything but what we used to be because we're all afraid we're not getting better we're all worrying about how we'll turn out. And there's never any definites here we are all victims of the untimely tragedy of limited vocabulary and restricted self expression all we can do is dedicate each song to someone, deep in our heart, and sing these words out across the empty spaces and hope they feel what we need them to feel. It is all about intrepretation and there is no concrete answer, no fact to lay naked the truth of who we are or what we've become ten seconds past midnight everything is covered up in another layer of unknowing self sacrifice at the hand of the one we could never hope to understand me when i say that you broke my heart so many times i think i'm finally ok with all the times we fell to the ground gasping for air because none of it matters except for how it made us feel sorry i'm neglectful but i feel so real here pouring whatever little i've learned and all the things i've ever wondered about into binary code for the world to wonder over and over what did this song mean to you the first time you heard it and what was the point of it all when you were so tired you couldn't breath a word of it to your friends or the ones you loved the most post secondary education denounces the truth of innocence and the powerful realizations of the ignorant soul i would bleed you dry and show you the reality of gasping for air every time you wake up up and over open your eyes so i can prove to you one last time that everything you ever wanted is staring you right in the face and all the sounds of the world all the cacophonious screams all boil down into one starlight voice screaming at you that this is LOVE this is perfect this is all we need to stay alive and ten seconds past midnight youlll realize that this was all for the best and that none of it will hurt you the way you hurt yourself and that the best isn't what we want the best is what we deserve and sometimes what we need the best you ever did was the first time you laid eyes on me and decided i wasn't worth the trouble and the worst thing you ever did was realize you were wrong cuz u were so damn wrong and i would never steal tha from you and this all makes perfect sense because otherwise where is it coming from

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