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11:35 a.m. 2004-02-29

Why would you beg for this? Abstract intrepretation of personal weakness and destitute desperate devotion. Love songs and losing songs and repetition of painful declarations. Who does it help to scream your hurt so clearly? Only those who feel like you understand the rest will mock you its inevitable. Fear of the things we don't understand is the underlining trait of a species gone horribly wrong. I love you all.

"In the face of his God would he tell the truth..."

Subconcious punctuation defines personality reveal the secrets i hide as you pour over the flow of the pen. Cross your T's and cross out your eyes so they never catch on to what you keep from them. LIAR

"Surprise speed and malice..."

Look at this this tyrannical self discipline why would u live like this? I hate understanding at the very moment i ask the questions...

"When a new day's begun forget your son, he's out on his own... POINT YOUR GUN IN ANOTHER DIRECTION"

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