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whoa dude
6:56 p.m. 2004-02-28

Destitute children reluctant to face the sunlight and the hand of the father. Recall your impotence at the hand of mother fate withdraw all hope of figurative punishment as the whip is raised. What would they do to one like you a bretrayer. What would they make of one such as you, completely out of touch with the things that make you breath in. Instinctual survival at the hand of the antichrist we call existence. Define your faults without sincerity and pull away from those who thought they knew you. Hide yourself in your understanding of other people's hearts and realize its no protection at all.

I dare you to forget....

Simple chord progressions and repetative layed chorus' provoke carefully concealed emotions. "Raped by my childhood, what the hell do i know about rape anyway" I need to shut up because i can't write so good lately...

goodbye until i get this back

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