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7:34 p.m. 2004-02-24

Do i have a day that's hands down the best day ever? Tonight its hard to recall the happy times time to recall anything but this bereft and barren sense of isolated depression. I remember years of this, years of coming home and breaking down, silently because i couldn't bear to cry. I denied everything then, every release anything that would make it even a little more bearable. I'm stronger because of that, but like you said so eloquently i'm coldblooded now. And the fact that my sole purpose is to make other people happy, coldblooded is worse than being dead. But none of that matters does it, he lies when he says we can't fake it. Cuz i do i fake it so hard and most of the time everyone buys it. Cheap smiles and octave tones.

Burn me from your memories

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