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Collapse by Sparta
7:38 p.m. 2004-01-21

The host of the show comes down

to collapse on the ground

and the crime scene revisits me

this body shut down in Bordeaux

and the shores of gold coast on the balcony

I search for sleep

the future has fallen short

when the sun sets north

and the clouds fall from the mirrored walls

Words speak and choose

make sense and lose

capsize the tall tale, but always fail

words speak and choose, make sense and lose

forfeit the tall tale, I always will

The host had his mouth sewn shut

all in the name of trust

when the blood goes thin, he's given in

you can spare us the formal toast

the drunken anecdotes

from this day on... goes on and on...

You know when he falls apart

he listens in the dark to records turn

I'll never learn

To set it down

you'll set it down

you'll set it down

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