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10:10 p.m. 2004-01-10

What's pop punk and what's so wrong about being on mtv? Seems to me anyone who complains about sell outs is someone who just wishes people liked him enough that they'd let him sell out too. Forget begrudging people their success, why does it matter how many people listened to this music? when you listen to music you're the only person in the world listening and that's what's so important about music, it unites us in our own little worlds. And don't pretend that if its popular it can't have meaning. If it has emotion then love it for that emotion. And the general rule has to be that if people like it they'll listen to it, and if enough people listen to it they'll get famous. DOn't hate that about a band. Be happy for them. And don't go and find a band that sux and worship it because you'll have the comfort of knowing a band no one else does. SO many people listen to bad music just because they think its more harcore. That's just stupid. Hardcore has become a new form of mainstream and does it even matter? God its music, its the most important thing in the world, love it

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