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11:01 p.m. 2003-12-25

Past revelations and superficial relationships collapse in the span of a second as you waste my words with your pretty pictures and STUPID self pity and i just realized i can't waste my time on you. You're not even real in my world anyway, you're just a voice on the other side of a computer. Creationist idealogy means nothing compared to fragmented nihlistic tragedy and everythign shatters silently to the screaming of all the sick children. Illusions in public bathrooms the writing on the wall is always clearer (and less original) the second time. The pleasure you derive from forcing hatred to thrive in this place is demented and i can't look away, you're like a trainwreck without the blood and carnage in fact your like a trainwreck because you haven't happened yet. And you never will because you're a twitch away from breaking but sensible insensitivities prevent you from even smiling. You're singing christmas carols and eating your sugary cancer laughing with eyes screwed up tight, she's drowning in the next room. Point out the obvious and only the oblivious fail to understand that the fact of the matter is there are no more facts left to spare on petty nonmilitary matters. Are you a missle? Can you build one? i didn't think so so call back next week. breath in three times and realize there's no air in this atmosphere you're sustaining yourself on ignorance alone. Look it up in the dictionary and realize i've been making fun of you for reading too much. Irony is only appreciated by the one with the luxury to have time to point and laugh. Everything else is temporary; existence is permanent in its temporary intensity. Paradoxically i've coined a new phrase but you'll never read this and the point is.... both of us are right and unorthodox jews are protestant atheiests and coporate antichrists. you fell straight to hell but He'll take you back if you regret what you did you little sinner. Somebody save her because god's busy saving the queen and she's been dying for years. Either He's not listening to us, or He's not as omnipotent as all the other kids. mouth to mouth surgery save me kill me thrill me again just wake me up from this waking nightmare shut my eyes so i can see

You deleted this with your stupidity. You'd try again so i'm saying goodbye. You'll never get the chance to ask why. Do you care?

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