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God Bless the Corporation
11:26 a.m. 2004-01-06

Unprecedented sincerity in your voice when you lie to me. I can't see i can't think i can't breath i want all of this to just fade, this world seems somehow surreal like this whole skool is only half real and if i stare hard enough at the walls, they'll disappear to reveal a wasteland of unfeeling skeletons. I think they think i'm crazy, i'm so unlike them, hardly even human by comparison. But that's ok and its odd, they're looking at me, some of them, and i see right through them. They don't hate me do they? They just see something strange, smething they don't quite understand, these preppy naive skool girls, they don't understand caring, they see the imprint of love and real living on my face, as surely as i see innocence and something wild and untapped in their hearts when i look at them. They'r enot beautiful because they're not alive. They don't shine like other people did, they just mean nothing because thay haven't woken up yet.

Maybe someday they're eyes wll brighten.

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