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Paper box revelations
5:50 p.m. 2003-10-11

I'm one of the simple people, or i should be by rights. Its the lot that i was placed in, i have no real ambitions, and I can see myself being happy living off a low budget. I have the capacity for spiritual and physical peace in all manner of situations. Unfortunantly, i'm also wired and screwed up and broken. But i think that most of the time, the pain is seperate from my soul and exists on a more... superficial level i suppose. That's kind of ironic really, because i've defined my life around the suffering and how well i hide it from the world. I guess the funny part is, every time i smile, i instincually think of it as a mask i wear, when really its more the truth than even i knew. My face is really like my heart i guess, it isn't very pretty, but it smiles and it laughs and there can be peace. There are times when i want to die, when i can't take the pain the suffering. But i never do it, never let go, because there's always a peace locked tight deep inside, and that peace, that inperturbable tranquility nestled warmly, it is who i really am. Maybe someday the things i do will reflect that... By the way, you bring it out when you're so close i can hear your heart beat and feel your breath

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