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He broke the rules and the circus kicked him out
5:07 p.m. 2003-08-20

When it rains I don't mind. Let me stand here all night. Did she take her own life let me know she's all right. And every time it rains i feel her holding me and every time it rains are the angels cryin...

It rained last night. I got caught in the downpour. I crashed, as usual, and just dragged my bike to the side of the road and lay there. It was late enough that nobody noticed, and that moment felt right for dying. But i didn't. Instead i got up and rode home, smiled at the rents and went to bed. Couldn't sleep.

LIFE WILL KNOCK ME DOWN - but i don't care i can't stay down. Everything is falling down around my ears now and its so much easier not to care. I've had years of practice

i will outlast this

I hope i didn't dent their car too bad

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