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Endless math class and online matchmaking
1:13 p.m. 2003-08-19

It only takes a moment, a second when your defences fall. In the moment you breathe in and you feel that you've failed, that whatever was supposed to happen will never happen... because of you. And that's all it takes for a mind willing to make compromises. If for an instant you give up, and you're willing to accept that and you read too deeply into it, you can make yourself fail and nothing will ever be right again. For some of us, that's alright isn't it? its happened to all of us and some of us get up and keep trying, most of us are too afraid. You gave up before i even met you and some things never change and all thisis making me tired.

It brings tears to my eyes how my feelings are never what they should be. Did you see that little silver gleam in my eye when i looked at you? of course you didn't. The problem is that i'm so dedicated to imprinting the negative upon your fragile mind and i see the thing i hate most because some sick part of me wants to. SadHappy, it kills me to imagine you feel this, but i can't change.

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