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Only slightly above a whisper
11:24 a.m. 2003-08-18

A word on the breeze that carries the scent of your hair. The light in your eyes hardly seems real; it makes you look like you're smiling. And i've had the time to sit back and watch you change become all you ever wanted to be. I have all the time in the world to sit back and wait to see you smile. Your whispered goodbye breaks my heart because i know i'll miss you when you leave the darkness; you've been my companion in this for too long. It doesn't matter though because the sound of your voice steals away the heartache, for must a moment. Goodbye lovely, thank you for sharing your change with me. Goodbye beautiful, maybe i'll join you in your freedom someday. But probably not. Even visions of you can't pull me from the contented prolonged agony that feels so heavy against my heart. I'll stay in this dark place where no one can hear the tears fall or the sound of my pain, floating through the dead air, only slightly above a whisper.

-its for her so don't worry about it

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