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5:30 p.m. 2003-08-17

Silent tears my god but you're beautiful if every time we lost ourselves we had to die most of us would never live to be teenagers and the more you lose yourself the more you see the ones who never get lost are the ones who read a magazine and try to be just like the models in the pictures the ones who are never found are the ones who see everything and i'd rather spend my life walking down roads i could never understand because there is just so much for all of us to see the kids who kill themselves are the ones who can't see anymore or have stopped caring about the luminous glory right in front of them every tear is a masterpiece every sound you utter is magic and the only thing i can ever say to those who go away is that you spoil the memory with your weak bitter despair and if you can't see how you affect others then i wish i'd never met you

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