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Dear girl
5:34 p.m. 2003-08-17

Letters to a girl

This is me saying goodbye to you one last time. Cuz you were never strong enough to let us know where you were leaving to. I hope that when you're through traveling you'll meet the end of the road with a smile on your lips. Because your beautiful when you smile. And you know the hardest thing about trying to remember you is that all i can ever think of is how it hurt to give everything to you and see you still crying still falling apart with or without me. The hardest thing about thinking of you is knowing that i never changed your life and that when i had a chance to save your soul i didn't know what to do. Just the same i promise i'll remember you because you're a part of me now and i don't know how i feel about that. All i know is i miss you, but i'm fine here without you. And i hate thinking that you were weaker than me, but its true isn't it? I don't like being this strong.

In dreams of you,


P.S. Isn't it ironic how u share the same name and you're only a step away from meeting her?

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