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11:58 p.m. 2003-06-29

How can you say that

How can you feel

Lost and disillusioned

Burdened by the real

She tries to escape

Hides away from herself

Playing pretend

In the swirling darkness

Unleash the fearless

Open up your mind

Infect us

Run away from herself

Live as someone else

The mirror gives your lies away

Reflection of a girl

Afraid to be…

I cannot believe

She doesn’t know herself

We see right through her

She isn’t even alive

Going through the motions

Walking through her life


She fought for so long

And I loved her for it

Thought she was so strong

A single candle lit

A single companion

In a world of sheep

A strong rock lean on

She gave into sleep

No matter where you go

I hope that you know

That I miss you

That I lost you

Good night

Lay down your sword and shield

Good night

Go home and lie still

Good night

Your eyes are weary

From all that you’ve seen

The burden is heavy

And you’ve got nowhere to lean

I’d lend her my shoulder

But she’d never accept

I long to hold her

And wish away the pain

-I miss you so much. I hope that its better for you where you are. I hope you've found the darkness you always wanted.

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