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12:01 a.m. 2003-06-30

Today, i slept. ignore the fact that i had the freakiest fucking dreams of my life. I slept well and i didn't wake up and just wish i didn't have to move.

Silent the world is at this juncture between morning and midnight. This is the reason i stay awake because i love the feeling of feeling oddly deadened for just a few moments. Waiting in the quiet of darkness, the walls around me humming as unused electricity writhes through the cords, i sit and wait for the final few minutes of nighttime. It's around three o clock when it happens. A peculiar heaviness and a feeling that the air around you is too heavy to breath in. For just a few minutes, nothing matters and I am lifted away as i stand alone without thought or feeling. I'm going to wait for it now... Good night

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