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Will you?
5:33 p.m. 2008-02-25

When the ocean's sing their midnight lullabies over harborswept shorelines and that distant hopeful light tower. When the aircurrents push clouds and spring with that brief and gloating sunset. When we walk and wake in cool waters and when our skin is tanned and warm. When you wear white dresses and walk barefoot through unbroken planes, dig your tiny toes into infinite earth. When I walk in white linen and steel-toed boots and kiss the sky with fingertips to heaven and a foot on the accelerator. When all the songs on the radio are bliss and static melody, the electric vibration of divinity incarnate and when all the musicians write their songs with glass skyscrapers and plenty of distortion. When I wake up without the looming reverb of a last night and tomorrow spent nursing brittle wounds. When you stand on concrete balconies facing east and smile. Oh when it comes it will be beyond imagining but I sit in this room with my hands on the keys, the smoke in my lungs and my eyes on the skyline and when it comes I know I won't be surprised.

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