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Without a second thought. no regrets this time mother fucker!
9:37 p.m. 2008-01-30

For the sake of posterity they tell you and they write and they write to the stars moon scars on wrists and ankles to tell you stories you'll be dying to forget come spring. The wintertime wedges its tired way into your bones to bow them out of shape and you'll just hobble along silly and sad and ruined girl. I know you sure, and I know the way it feels to put down words on the books and into this box, the cut has changed and the pressure's a little bit different but we'll wage our wars just the same with breath and decision, cold steel, abandonment and absence. The updated version corrects my spelling keeps me honest and looking educated even when I slip and its for posterity girl that we keep on writing and writing and whining. Just in case we forget to remember, or remember to forget and we'll write ourselves' reminders in case we ever need to know how to think later on. convince the mirror you know what you're talking about.
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