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3:19 p.m. 2007-05-16

You walk inside at night, pacing ruts and circles in your endless tirade of possibilities and the consequences of your habits seem lost on you. So you tremble when your feet start freezing and hide out under sheets, maybe imported maybe not, that you've tangled up into calling home. And you tell yourself that I'm not watching you, and you tell yourself that I don't know what i'm doing. You're wrong. I know exactly what's going on here, even if you don't. The soles of your feet are aerosol and insomnia and they leave traces of dust in the debris of bedposts and picture frames and you are left with nothing but the back and forth pull of feelings you refuse to name. And logic you refuse to identify as such.
The best part of it is, its all part of a plan we both understand so well, and only one of us is ready to put a name to the face.

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