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"get me naked 2: electric boogaloo
3:30 p.m. 2007-05-16

Lets sing folk music hallelujahs in the wake and the wreckage, together.
Lets burn candles to watch the shapes on each other's faces, just for one night.
Lets do that again, except without clothes, because shadows on bodies is sometimes so much more revealing than sunlight. Besides, I really want to see you naked.
And I know its beside the point, but i've been finding songs that make me imagine making love.
And i know its off topic, but I have these sheets that i think would go great with your eyes.
Lets go find a beach or a park or some dark street where its raining and define one night of our lives by the way the world feels against our skin.
I think you're more of a white wine kinda girl, but sometimes drinking pints of guiness... well fuck, it makes us stronger.
And i think that you're not the kind of girl that really gets it when i say things like that, but that just means i get to teach you.
I bet you can teach me a thing or two.
Lets pretend we both already know why things like this happen, and lets stop squeezing our eyes shut so hard it hurts. You pretend this one's for you, and I will too. And, whether we're right or wrong, we'll draw the same conclusions inconclusively and consistently. That's probably why i want to see you naked.

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