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and there will be peace.
9:16 p.m. 2007-05-13

I like to imagine myself, sometimes, for the sake of something to aspire to. I see myself tangled in the lengths of my legs and my hair collapsed on the floor of some anonymous apartment. I see myself enveloped in the midnightgray sky shades of cigarette smoke, wearing stark contrasts of black and white simplicity and surrounded by manuscripts and music and the waiting bits of machinery and metal that i have brought together to await assmelby. Sun will pour hazy and lazy through dust motes past my window to shimmer nearly solid in the spaces my body doesn't fill and it will shudder extacy and withdraw before the movements of my hands and fingers. Walls will be covered with whitewash and the sketches of the buildings I haven't built yet, and pictures of the cities i have constructed and razed in simultaneous fits of action. I like, sometimes, to imagine myself, as I will be, to remember that these days, rife with the pleasure of exhausted limbs and these nights, spnt drifting aimless through cities and dreams and slumber, are a part of something larger than the conscripted toiling of 24 hour existence.

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